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TX defense lawyerBeing charged with involvement in a federal drug trafficking conspiracy in Texas kicks off a complex legal process, unlike state criminal cases. Here is an overview of the key stages and procedures those accused of federal drug conspiracy crimes in Texas face, along with how a Texas attorney can help.

Indictment and Arrest

A federal grand jury will decide whether to issue an indictment formally charging alleged co-conspirators. Grand juries do not hear from the defense, only prosecutors. If indicted, federal marshals will arrest the defendants. Initial appearances before a magistrate will address bail and temporary representation by a public defender for those who cannot afford private counsel.

Pretrial Motions

Once defense counsel is retained or appointed, attorneys start filing pretrial motions seeking to suppress illegally obtained evidence or statements from the accused conspirators. Complex wiretap, search warrant, and Miranda issues often arise that skilled federal lawyers will pursue. Motions may also challenge procedural defects or request severing defendants into separate trials if defenses conflict.


TX defense lawyerDefendants facing federal criminal charges in Texas often face the prospect of stringent, lengthy prison sentences imposed under rigid federal sentencing guidelines. However, federal defense attorneys well-versed in guidelines and rules know how to argue for reduced sentences on behalf of their clients in appropriate cases. Here are some of the most important strategies used by adept lawyers to potentially lower federal sentences in Texas cases.

Plea Bargain Agreements

Engaging in thorough pre-trial negotiations with federal prosecutors to secure favorable plea bargain agreements is a critical first step. Well-crafted plea deals will contain specific sentencing recommendations to the judge for a lower sentence than guidelines advise or than the defendant would likely receive if convicted at trial. 

While Texas federal judges make the final sentencing decision, recommendations from the prosecution in a plea agreement carry substantial influence. Agreeing to a reasonable plea deal early on with a lighter recommended sentence often makes more strategic sense than taking a case to trial and risking a higher sentence if convicted.


TX defense lawyerTechnology continues to transform all aspects of society - including the field of white collar crime investigation. Advanced computing power, digital communications, and online records have fundamentally changed how investigators pursue complex financial fraud, corruption, and cybercrime cases. Here is an overview of some of the key impacts of technology on crime investigations and how a Texas attorney can help.

Vastly Increased Data Sources

The digital trails left by suspects have exploded the amount of potential evidence available to investigators. Emails, texts, online activity logs, GPS data, mobile/CCTV footage, and records from smart home devices can all be parsed for clues. This veritable “big data” treasure trove can reveal communication patterns, transactions, locations, and more. However, it requires new data mining tools and techniques to filter meaningful signals from noise.

Faster Forensic Analysis

Specialist software can quickly analyze massive sets of financial records, communication data, and network activity to highlight inconsistencies, identify social networks through link analysis, detect statistical anomalies, and provide visualizations that convey insights. This allows investigators to rapidly trace money flows, unveil associations between co-conspirators, and pinpoint suspects.


Collin County, TX federal criminal defense lawyerIn the state of Texas, drug offenses are taken very seriously. Simple possession of certain drugs may lead to misdemeanor or felony charges, and more serious charges will typically apply if a person is accused of drug distribution or manufacturing controlled substances. However, there are some cases where drug-related crimes can result in charges at the federal level. People who are involved in schemes to distribute drugs or engage in drug trafficking may face federal drug conspiracy charges. When defending against these charges, it is crucial to work with an attorney who has experience representing clients in federal courts.

What Is a Drug Conspiracy?

The term “drug conspiracy” generally refers to an agreement between at least two people to commit a crime related to illegal drugs. A conspiracy may involve planning and working together with others to distribute, manufacture, import, or possess controlled substances with the intent to sell them illegally.

In order for a drug conspiracy charge to be brought against someone in Texas, there must be evidence of an agreement between multiple people involved in illegal drug activities. The agreement does not have to be formal or written; it can be implied through actions and communications. Evidence of a conspiracy may include photos of people meeting together, phone call recordings, text messages, emails, or other records of communication.


Fort Worth injury to a child attorneyParents are required to protect and care for their children. However, accidents can happen in any household, and in some cases, parents may be worried that they could face criminal charges when their children suffer injuries. There are some situations where a parent may be charged with the offense of injury to a child, and it is important for parents to understand the circumstances that could lead to these charges and the penalties of a conviction. Contacting an attorney to defend yourself against these charges is a wise decision to ensure you can pursue a favorable case outcome.

Child Neglect and Abuse

In cases where a child's injury may have occurred because of neglect or abuse, a parent may face criminal charges. Child neglect may occur in situations where a parent or caregiver fails to provide the proper supervision, nutrition, healthcare, education, or protection for a child. Child abuse, on the other hand, involves intentional harm to a child through physical violence, emotional abuse, or sexual assault.

If there is evidence showing that a parent's actions or their failure to provide care and supervision directly caused harm to their child, then the parent may be charged with injury to a child. Suspicions of abuse or neglect may lead to investigations by Child Protective Services, which may decide to remove a child from their parent’s home to protect the child’s safety. In these situations, parents may need to address issues related to the custody of their children along with criminal charges related to the child’s injuries.

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