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How Can I Defend Against False Charges of Sexual Assault?

 Posted on September 29, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Plano criminal defense lawyerCertain cases of high-profile sexual assault allegations in recent years have brought the issue of sexual assault into the public sphere again and again. While some of the men accused of sexual assault were clearly guilty and convicted of at least some of the allegations against them, others faced long, humiliating public harassment over allegations of incidents that occurred many years or even decades ago for which evidence was scant or non-existent. 

The idea that someone - usually a woman - would make false allegations of sexual assault is often brushed off as laughable or even offensive. One particular study is frequently cited as “proving” that sexual assault allegations are only false an estimated 2-10 percent of the time. Yet the study only examined 136 cases and fails to acknowledge one of the most obvious facts about false sexual assault allegations: They are easy to make, hard to disprove, and rarely result in any meaningful cost to the person making them. If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, an experienced, assertive Texas sexual assault defense attorney can help you fight these allegations, even before they are brought to court. 

What to Do Now If You Are Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault

First, it is important to take an accusation seriously - even if you find it absurd and assume others will, too. Many people, especially young men at promising points in their lives, have had their careers and personal lives completely derailed by false allegations. 

Next, you need to find out as much as you can about the allegations being made against you. If your name has appeared on an online list of alleged assault perpetrators, take screenshots, print the webpage, or do whatever else you can to preserve a record of the allegations. Talk politely and non-aggressively to people who know what the alleged victim is saying - but not to the victim directly.

Now, start collecting evidence. Sexual assault allegations often devolve into petty he said/she said debates, but jurors and judges eager to take sexual assault victims seriously have convicted people for less. Write down your own memories of the incident in question. Look for text messages, videos, or social media that contradict the claims against you (such as whether the victim reached out to you for further sexual contact after the alleged incident). 

Finally, become a non-presence on social media and at parties until the case is resolved. Do not complain about the person making the allegations. Do not reach out to her, her friends, or her family. Act conservatively - no out of control drinking, hooking up, or driving under the influence. Your attorney can further advise you of what to do in your specific case. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Aggressive Plano, TX Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

Sexual assault is a terrible thing to experience, but false allegations of sexual assault can be just as traumatizing. If you are facing accusations of sexual assault, it is important to take proactive action, even if prosecutors have not yet brought charges. You can get out ahead of the case by hiring a skilled Collin County sexual assault defense attorney who will conduct an investigation and meet with prosecutors to try to dissuade them from bringing charges. If you are already facing charges, we will fight to get them reduced or dropped altogether. Call The Crowder Law Firm, P.C. today at 214-544-0061 to schedule a free consultation. 




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