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Getting into a car accident is always a frightening ordeal, but perhaps no more so than when a car accident results in a person's death. If you were driving with a blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit and caused an accident which resulted in the death of another person, you could be charged with intoxication manslaughter. Texas is the only state with an intoxication manslaughter charge on the books, and state prosecutors are often very hard on those accused of this crime.

If you have been charged with intoxication manslaughter, The Crowder Law Firm P.C. is prepared to provide the trusted guidance you need and the aggressive representation you deserve. We will work hard to ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect and that your rights are fully protected at all times.

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Intoxication manslaughter is a second-degree felony offense under Texas Law. If you are convicted, you may be imprisoned for up to ten years in the Texas Department of Corrections (TDCJ) and be required to pay up to $10,000 in fines. A felony conviction of this kind can cost you your freedom and your future. It is essential that anyone facing felony charges related to driving while intoxicated seek assistance from a qualified Plano criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

To obtain a conviction on intoxication manslaughter charges, prosecutors for the state will need to prove three important facts. First, the prosecution must show that your accident directly caused the death of another. If the other driver or pedestrian was negligent or otherwise at fault for the accident, the prosecution might have a hard time proving this element of the intoxicated manslaughter charge. Second, you must have been knowingly and voluntarily under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. If you were not actually intoxicated or you were unknowingly given an intoxicating substance, you are less likely to be convicted of intoxication manslaughter. Lastly, the state must prove that you were in control of the vehicle when the accident occurred.

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One of the most important things to remember when you have been accused of a felony crime like intoxication manslaughter is that you still have rights under the law. Among these rights is to have the opportunity to speak with an attorney and to have your attorney present during police questioning. A qualified lawyer can help make sure that you are not tricked into saying something that you do not mean or that could be twisted against you later.

Attorney Darlina Crowder has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of criminal law. She has represented clients in several high-profile criminal cases—including cases that made national headlines. With an impressive track record that includes more than 300 acquittals and not-guilty verdicts, Ms. Crowder knows how to handle herself under pressure. She and her team are fully prepared to help you when you are facing intoxication manslaughter charges.

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