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Charge: Assault Family Violence/Impeding Breath
Result: No Billed

“Darlina Crowder law firm is one for the BOOKS!!!!!! By far the best firm to handle your case!! I was accused of choking someone with a FELONY assault charge. I was completely horrified.
I own a business which requires a license and I can't have any felonies or I will lose my practice.
I Google lawyers to handle assault case and Darlina Crowder was the first to pop-up.
After talking with Darlina I was put at ease right away. The professionalism, the quick responses, and the team that kept me up-to-date with everything was amazing!
To make along story short, my case was dismissed!!! Highly recommended, extremely helpful, the best at what she do!! If not the best!!
She had a game plan from the beginning to the end and it came through!!
Seriously, thank you, thank you, and thank you
You saved my career I owe you the world !!!”


Charge: Indecent Exposure
Result: Charges Dismissed

“I had an amazing experience with The Crowder Law Firm, Darlina and her team did a fantastic job at getting me a good deal that didn’t hinder my family or cause any heart ache. She went out of her way on multiple occasions to make sure I was taken care of on all fronts of my case. She is an absolutely spectacular attorney. If I ever have someone who needs a great lawyer to resolve an issue I will always refer them to her. Truly and sincerely an exceptional law firm. Highly recommended!”


Charge: Online Solicitation of a Minor
Result: Charges Dismissed

“Darlina was really great to work with. Her experience and confidence allowed me some peace of mind and I felt totally prepared thanks to her. I shopped other attorneys before choosing her and she was the most compassionate and composed. I felt like she really cared in a time where I was ridden with anxiety and confusion. Everything worked out perfectly in my favor and I suffered no sort of life changes due to my case. Darlina is a powerhouse and I’d hire her again.”

Charge: Theft Stolen Property
Result: Dismissed

"I was charged with a felony 10 years ago and my restitution was over 105,000 and paid down 15,000 and my 10-year probation was up. I had to go back to court and the judge told me to find a lawyer to help me. I found Atty, Darlina Crowder I found her online and her reviews were Great and she worked hard for me and Thank God my case was Closed and the state withdrew. Thank you so much and so grateful for your expertise and making this happen for me. I highly recommend Atty Darlina Crowder to all. Great Criminal Lawyer."

Teacher Testimonials

Charge: Burglary of Habitation
Result: Dismissed

I was wrongly accused of Burglary of a Habitation and Ms. Crowder with her incredible work was able to get it dismissed. Thank you so much Ms. Crowder for all you do!

Charge: Assault FMV
Result: Dismissed

Amazing referral! Darlina's wisdom, experience and care was evident as she immediately saw the truth in my case and knew what to do. Her diligence and sincere effort resulted in a case dismissal after being wrongfully accused in the first place. Very grateful!

Nurse Testimonials

“I am a nurse who was charged with assault falsely. Ms Crowder and her amazing staff worked diligently to ensure the best outcome possible. Thanks to her hard work my case was dismissed. Ms Crowder saved my job and my career. I am forever grateful to Ms Crowder for her honest and straightforward approach to everything. She never gave me false hope. Forever Thankful JL”

“Highest Recommendation; Superwoman of lawyers; smart, experienced, prepared. Darlina Crowder came highly recommended, by a personal friend that has a high rank and has been in law enforcement for many years. Darlina’s expertise in criminal cases, provided the strong defense I needed in a Misdemeanor Charge(class A) of interference with an emergency call initiated by the state of Texas vs myself. This charge is associated with an accusation of physical domestic violence. This charge could have had serious consequences for me as a registered nurse. Domestic violence convictions are reported to the Board of Nursing. It would have affected my licensure with the state of Texas to practice nursing. Darlina Crowder was sensitive to the urgency of moving my case forward quickly and getting the charge dismissed. She was also prompt to return phone calls, text messages, and email. Darlina educated me on necessary responses for the judicial process as the case progressed.. She did not make me feel bad about myself for being in this position. Darlina has made contributions to the community where she resides and works. She would be an excellent choice for anyone who needs a Criminal Lawyer. Her success is attributed to her many years of experience as she is knowledgeable about the whole judicial process, from the perspective of the plaintiff and the defense. I am well pleased with her performance as a defense lawyer as my case was dismissed due to her representation. Respectfully, S.J.”

Federal Client Testimonials

"If you are in the Dallas surrounding area in need of a good lawyer please contact Darlina Crowder! I'm a client of her on a Federal Case on today I was facing 10 years and she put up a fight and won! I'm very pleased with her service!"

Executive Testimonials

Charge: Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
Result: Dismissed-Grand Jury No Bill

This team is professional and devoted to their clients. I faced an aggravated assault felony charge that I was falsely accused of. This case could have potentially ended my career and destroyed my family. Ms. Crowder and Ms. McNabb put together all of the details to present to the Grand Jury which resulted in a No Bill. They communicated every step of the way, and made sure I knew they were working on my behalf. The fear of the unknown is always the worst but the entire team was caring and helped me through the process. From day one Ms. Crowder has been a fierce woman of her word. I am beyond grateful to her and the team. If you need a caring and devoted team of lawyers on your side during a life altering situation like mine, this is your team. Many thanks to the Crowder Law Firm.

Charge: Injury to a Child
Result: Dismissed

Ms Crowder did a good job representing me. She clearly knows the laws and the best way to deal with the situation. Recommend the firm for their expertise.

Charge: Felony - Assault Family Violence Impeding Breath
Result: No Bill

"Darlina Crowder and her team are amazing! I hired the Crowder Law Firm to represent me on a very serious charge of felony assault impeding breath. I was devastated as I was falsely accused of this heinous crime and facing the possibility of a felony conviction and prison time. Darlina Crowder came highly recommended.However, I did my due diligence and met with multiple lawyers before making my decision. Ms. Crowder was incredibly patient and kind when dealing with my anxiety regarding this matter. She and her staff were quick to respond to my multiple calls, texts and emails. I followed Ms. Crowders guidance and my case was no billed. I am a professional and a felony conviction would have wrecked my life. She is the a lawyer I would highly recommend. I am forever grateful for her hard work! ET”

Charge: Third Degree Felony- Impeding Breath/Assault Family Violence
Result: NO BILL

"After finding myself facing a third degree felony charge and possible prison time, I was very scared. This was not me. I was successful and had never been in trouble. I really wasn’t even sure how to go about finding a lawyer and I did not want to contact people I know for a reference because I was embarrassed and ashamed. The only thing I could think of was to search the internet. This was a Friday morning. I scheduled appointments with the first few attorneys I called for the following week and had to leave voicemails with others. When I contacted Darlina’s office, her paralegal answered the phone and after I told her my story, she said hold on a minute. When she came back, she said Darlina could meet with me at 6:00 p.m. – on FRIDAY! This was such a relief for me. After meeting with Darlina, I knew she was the right attorney for me. She put my mind at ease by helping me understand how the process worked. I hired her on the following Monday. Through the entire process, her office kept me updated weekly on status of my case and when the grand jury hearing was scheduled, we met in her office Sunday morning to finalize the strategy for the hearing. The strategy implemented by Darlina resulted in a “No Bill” which means my case was dropped. While I fortunately did not get to see Darlina in action in the court room, I have no doubt she would have been excellent and would highly recommend her to anyone in trouble. -----J.S."

"Darlina Crowder is an incredible trial lawyer! She is the only lawyer I would recommend. I was charged and indicted with the most heinous crimes anyone could be accused of. 13 counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Indecency with a Child & Sexual Assault of a child. From the day I hired her she was very attentive, caring and compassionate. She never once stopped fighting for me! I had 2 jury trials. The first was a mistrial 10-2 not guilty. We had to go to trial again and I was found not guilty by 12 jurors on all 13 counts. I was facing life in prison even though I was innocent. I spoke with other lawyers and they told me I needed to plea guilty because no one wins cases like these. Especially in Collin County. I had my life in Ms.Crowders hands and we WON! She saved my life! She is tenacious, a fighter, knows the law, but best of all she cares about her client's and has passion for her profession." M.L."

Charge: Felony Possession of Controlled Substance
Result: Dismissed

“Darlina Crowder’s knowledge of the criminal court systems and laws make her one of the best criminal defense attorneys around. Her experience, coupled with her tenacity and passion for justice, render her unstoppable. I heard about Darlina through a friend and gave her a call when my son was charged with a non-violent felony. We met with Darlina and she explained the best course of action. At this initial meeting and throughout the process, we felt extremely confident in her abilities as a trusted advisor. Thanks to Darlina, my son is on the right path and has a bright future ahead of him. LD”

Physician Testimonials

"I am happy to highly recommend my criminal defense attorney, Darlina Crowder, to anyone in need. I have been an M.D. in Collin County for 20 plus years without any criminal difficulty until I was recently arrested and charged with a felony in a hit and run situation. As if that charge was not serious enough, the D.A’s office added an additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon (my car), adding the possibility of prison time if I was found guilty - a very unsettling prospect to say the least. I needed a lawyer, and a good one. I interviewed several local criminal attorneys found by word of mouth. They seemed, either, more interested in what my case would do for their reputation or in just taking my money and hoping I would accept a plea deal to a lesser charge. I felt was in the right and so was looking for someone to fight for me, not just get the best plea deal possible. Then I met Ms. Crowder. I was immediately impressed with her confidence, knowledge, and willingness to help me fight these charges. She proved to be the lawyer I needed and more. Throughout the entire legal process she educated, supported, guided and encouraged me in the manor I expected from a professional attorney. During the trial, her true fighting nature revealed itself with ferocious cross examinations and command of court room procedure. When that was combined with her legal knowledge, relentless preparation, attention to detail, organization, and a powerful closing argument. The verdict was NOT GUILTY on all counts. She helped me. She can help you!"

Lawyer Testimonials

"As a licensed attorney myself, I obtained legal representation from Darlina for my DWI arrest. Even during our intitial consultation, Darlina's advice and reassurance demonstrated her expertise in DWI defense. My positive initial impression deepened when I witnessed her trial performance. Not only was she knowledgeable in the technical details of my case, she was also familiar with elements such as demographic attitude and past rulings of the court that I was in. Darlina is definitely good at what she does! Every penny was well spent, and I wouldn't even consider giving my business to anyone else. Great job, Darlina! -C.J."

College Student Testimonials

"Dear Ms. Crowder, I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation and thank you for all your efforts and help through this frightening and difficult time. I also appreciate your phenomenal knowledge, expertise, and legal advice you provided for my family and I. We am especially grateful for your willingness to fight for me to ensure I received a fair trial. This has been a learning experience and we appreciate your dedication to see my case through to the end. We understand that your line of work is time consuming and often thankless, but we are grateful the amount of hours you put into my case. Thank you!”

Law Enforcement Testimonials


"I am super pleased with the prompt and professional service I received by Attorney Crowder! During the time that I needed her services I was in the police academy and was falsely accused of a crime. This crime lead to my removal from the academy and threatened my freedom. She immediately new that it was a personal attack on me. I took the charges as a slap in the face because I gave up a six figure income to help serve my community. Heartbroken, I contacted Attorney Crowder. She took the fight to the city of McKinney and its police force! The case that she presented in my favor led to the dismissal of all criminal charges. Attorney Crowder not only handled my case with aggression but, she made me feel like I was her priority. She saw more than just the color of my skin. She saw a PERSON, a man who was being railroaded by the system and took prompt action! During our 1st meeting she told me exactly what she would do to clear my name and did it. If not for her, I would not have been able to return to Corporate America. I would not have had the opportunity to continue to live the life that I worked hard to obtain. Attorney Crowder showed me that there are still people who believe in justice. Attorney Crowder showed me that justice can be blind and law WITHOUT personal bias. For this I am forever grateful. (D. Webb, McKinney TX)"

Professional Business Owner Testimonials

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon

"I recently retained the services of Darlina Crowder. I got myself into a legal bind and am sure glad I found her. I am 47 a professional and have never been in trouble in my life. I was facing the possibility of serving prison time and am very thankful to her for seeing the truth and defending me. Her powerful demeanor and presence in the court room, without question, helped the jury to decide my fate. I was found NOT GUILTY of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone needing legal counsel. Sincerely, Scott W."

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