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Texas State Police Move to Dallas to Combat Rise in Violent Crime

 Posted on December 09, 2020 in Criminal Defense

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It is no secret that violent crime is more prevalent in urban areas, and Dallas is no exception. After seven fatal shootings occurred in the city in mid-November, Gov. Greg Abbott saw an urgent need for additional protection for Dallas residents. The city has surpassed its homicide count from 2019, with 220 homicides recorded in this year alone. In order to keep this number from rising as the year comes to a close, Governor Abbott has sent state police into the city for added protection. This is not the first time the governor has opted for these additional measures, and due to past experiences, not all Dallas residents agree with the governor’s tactic for combating crime. 

Operation D-Town

In June 2019, Dallas saw a similar spike in murders and violent crimes, and in response, Gov. Abbott deployed the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) into the city to assist the Dallas Police Department in their policing efforts. According to reports from Dallas police, the targeted areas saw a significant drop in violent crimes just two months into the operation. Even with the reduction in crime, a number of residents and community officials claimed that DPS did more harm than good.

Resounding allegations have been made that DPS troopers over-policed and racially profiled Dallas residents throughout their policing efforts. Residents highlighted DPS’s tendency to over-police in poor, racially diverse communities, question passersby of their immigration status, and make unnecessary stops. Data shows that during the operation, 500 DPS arrests were made throughout the city, and 64 percent of those arrested were Black. To put things into perspective, only 24 percent of Dallas’s population falls within this racial demographic. Despite the focus of the program being controlling violent crime, approximately half of these arrests were for drug crimes.

This Year’s Operation

Gov. Abbott’s goals with this year’s DPS deployment is similar to 2019’s Operation D-Town. In mid-November, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson expressed the city’s need for additional help. The governor stepped in, announcing the sending of DPS special agents, intelligence analysts, troopers, and Texas Rangers. In order to combat violent crime and better protect Dallas residents, the team will be divided into two task forces: Agents and troopers are assisting with drug and gang investigations, while Rangers are investigating homicides. While the city’s rise in crime is undeniable, there is debate on whether or not increased policing truly improves public safety.

Contact a Plano, Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

In today’s social climate, it is more important than ever to secure a reputable criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges of any kind. As rumored in the governor’s past efforts, over-policing and racial profiling are not just reserved for those within Dallas city limits. This is an unfortunate reality that many people face, and it can lead to unfounded allegations, charges, and even sentencing. At The Crowder Law Firm, P.C., we believe that everyone deserves a fair trial, and we fight tirelessly for all of our clients. Regardless of the nature of your charges, our experienced attorneys will stand by your side to guide you through the legal proceedings and help you come out on the other side. If you are facing charges, call our diligent Collin County criminal defense lawyers at 214-544-0061 to schedule your free consultation.


Source: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/11/18/texas-greg-abbott-dallas-state-police/

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