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HBO Series Love and Death Dramatizes Murder Defense by Don Crowder

 Posted on June 07, 2023 in Criminal Defense

plano criminal defense lawyerTrue crime stories have been very popular in recent years. The details of murder cases and other real-life incidents involving criminal investigations and prosecutions can be fascinating. In addition to providing insight into why people commit crimes, these stories can demonstrate how the legal process works and the strategies that criminal defense attorneys may be able to use to help clients avoid convictions. One recent true crime series that was created by HBO, Love and Death, detailed the story of accused murderer Candy Montgomery, who was represented by Don Crowder, the father-in-law of our founding attorney, Darlina Crowder.

Don Crowder’s Defense of Candy Montgomery in Collin County

In 1980, Candy Montgomery, a 30-year-old housewife and mother living in Wylie, Texas, was charged with the murder of Betty Gore. Mrs. Montgomery had been having an affair with Mrs. Gore’s husband, Allan Gore, and although they had ended their relationship, their families were still friendly with each other due to their participation in their church and their children going to school together. On June 13, 1980, Mrs. Gore reportedly confronted Mrs. Montgomery about the affair, and this led to Mrs. Montgomery killing Mrs. Gore with an ax.

The details of the killing were shocking, and the story was a sensation both in the local community and throughout the rest of the country. Mrs. Montgomery struck Mrs. Gore with the ax 41 times, then cleaned herself up before leaving the Gore family’s house and going about her daily activities. Mrs. Gore’s body was not discovered until hours later by a neighbor, and her one-year-old child was left alone in the house after her death.

Despite all of these seemingly-incriminating details, including a clear motive for murder due to Mrs. Montgomery’s relationship with Mr. Gore, Don Crowder was able to successfully defend against homicide charges. He demonstrated that Mrs. Montgomery acted in self-defense when Mrs. Gore confronted her carrying the ax. He argued that the struggle between the two women triggered memories of childhood trauma for Mrs. Montgomery, affecting her mental state. A psychiatrist testified that she had a “dissociative reaction” in which she acted without being aware of what she was doing. These arguments were successful, and the jury in the case chose to acquit Mrs. Montgomery after only a few hours of deliberation.

This case illustrates the importance of working with a skilled defense attorney. While most criminal charges will not be as serious as murder, and cases may not involve memorable details such as the use of an ax, a strong criminal defense lawyer can analyze the facts of a case and determine the best defense strategies. Attorney Darlina Crowder has followed the example of her father-in-law by providing effective representation for those who are facing criminal charges, and she works to come up with creative solutions that will help clients avoid being convicted whenever possible.

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