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Read Our Top 10 Criminal Defense Blogs for 2021

 Posted on January 27, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Collin County Criminal Defense LawyerNearly every week, we publish blogs covering a variety of topics related to criminal defense. Our goal is to provide readers with helpful information about the types of charges people may face, including in state and federal courts, as well as the potential defense strategies that may be available. Our firm works to protect the rights of defendants and help them resolve criminal cases successfully. We wanted to highlight the most-read blogs from 2021, and we plan to continue covering similar topics in the months and years to come.

  1. Can a Parent Face Charges for Leaving a Child Home Alone in Texas? - We look at how Texas law addresses these situations and when parents may be accused of child neglect or charged with offenses such as child abandonment or child endangerment.

  2. What Actions Can Lead to Charges of Credit Card Fraud? - We describe the situations that could lead to fraud charges based on the illegal use of credit cards or financial accounts while also looking at the penalties for fraud under Texas laws and federal laws.

  3. What Actions Can Constitute Child Abuse According to Texas Law? - We examine the different types of child abuse charges that a parent may face in certain situations while also discussing how reasonable discipline may be a defense in these cases.

  4. Is it Against the Law to Spank Your Child in Texas? - While disciplining children through spanking is not illegal if it is reasonable, there are some cases where parents may face criminal charges for causing injury to a child.

  5. What to Know About Indecent Exposure in Texas - We look at the penalties a person may face if they are charged with this offense, as well as the potential defense strategies in these types of cases.

  6. What Are the Texas Laws Regarding Child Pornography? - This blog addresses the charges a person may face for possession or promotion of sexually explicit material depicting children, including the penalties for a conviction on child pornography charges.

  7. How Does Texas Law Define Indecency With a Child? - We examine situations where a person may face criminal charges based on sexual contact or indecent exposure involving a minor and the penalties for a conviction.

  8. When Can the Police Break Down My Door? - This blog looks at the requirements police will need to meet before they may enter a person’s home, perform a search, and make an arrest. Since police raids and “forced entry” have been in the news over the past couple years, we updated this blog in 2021 to look at a potential new law in Texas that may limit what are known as “no-knock warrants.” 

  9. What Actions Can Result in Neglect and Abandonment Charges in Texas? - We describe the specific charges a person may face if they are accused of failing to provide their child with reasonable and necessary care.

  10. What You Need to Know About Texas Solicitation Law - We look at when a person may face criminal charges for solicitation of prostitution and the potential defense strategies in these cases.

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