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What Should I Do if a Friend is Accusing My Child of Sexually Abusing Their Child?

 Posted on October 11, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Collin County sex crimes defense lawyerWhile everyone agrees that children who are being sexually abused deserve to be protected and their allegations taken seriously, finding out that someone is accusing your child of sexual abuse can be a completely different situation. Whether your child is an adult or a minor, you may feel panicked and naturally want to do everything you can to protect them from the allegations being made against them. 

Allegations of sexual misconduct are becoming increasingly common, and while this has enabled many true victims to come forward and seek justice, there has also been an increase in false sexual assault allegations. Even if an investigation shows the accused is not guilty, simple accusations can ruin a young person’s life. Here are some steps to take if your child is being accused of sexually abusing another child in Texas. 

Take the Allegations Seriously

As with any accusation of sexual assault, you need to take the allegations against your child seriously, even if they seem impossible or obviously fake. With the help of a lawyer, find out as many details as you can about the allegations, including where and when they happened, to whom they happened, and whether there are any witnesses who can offer corroborating evidence in support of the victim or your child. 

Talk to Your Child

It can be difficult to even begin such a conversation, but it is essential to get your child’s side of the story. Sometimes an incident perceived by one person as a sexual assault is merely a joke, an effort to hit on someone, or an inappropriate but non-malicious action. If your child acted at all inappropriately, you need to know—and whether your child acted badly or not, they are going to need your support during this time. 

Keep a Distance from the Victim and Their Family

You may want to have a discussion with the accuser’s parents, especially if they are good friends of yours, and assure them of your child’s innocence. However, you need to maintain a circumspect distance from the accuser, their family, and any of their close friends. Do not email, call, or text them, or discuss the situation on social media. Otherwise, you could be accused of interfering with an ongoing investigation. 

Work with the Police or School Authorities

If a formal complaint is made, an investigation is likely. It is important that you work politely and carefully with police, school authorities, child welfare agencies, and anyone else involved in the investigation. If your child is a minor, make sure you are aware of their legal rights and do not allow them to be interviewed without you or their other parent present. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Plano, TX Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer Right Away

Even if you are sure your child is innocent, juvenile sex offenders can get in serious trouble in Texas and it is important to take any accusations seriously. An experienced Collin County criminal defense lawyer can help you conduct an investigation to prove your child’s innocence and fight to protect your child in a court of law. Call 214-544-0061 today to schedule a free consultation with The Crowder Law Firm, P.C.. 




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