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Conroe Teacher Charged With Inappropriate Relationship With Student

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Tarrant County Sex Crimes Defense LawyerTeachers can often be placed in a difficult position when dealing with students. While some high school students may seem mature as they get closer to reaching the age where they are considered to be adults, teachers will still need to respect boundaries and avoid certain types of situations and interactions. Unfortunately, cases where teachers are accused of acting inappropriately are all too common. However, while there are a variety of interactions between teachers and students that some people may consider to be inappropriate, criminal charges for improper relationships between teachers and students will generally only apply if there is evidence that a teacher and student have engaged in sexual contact or sexual intercourse. An ongoing case in Conroe, Texas serves as a good example of the types of teacher-student relationships that may lead to arrests and criminal charges.

Conroe Teacher Accused of Having a Sexual Relationship With a High School Student

In January of 2022, a female science teacher at a high school in the Conroe school district was arrested and charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student and indecency with a child. Law enforcement officials began investigating the teacher after the student’s family members reported that the teacher and student had been having a sexual relationship. According to these reports, the teacher and student had intercourse multiple times, and the student had spent the night at the teacher’s home. Online messages between the teacher and student also indicated that the teacher had given the student money to buy drugs, and the teacher had sent the student sexually explicit pictures of herself.

Based on these reports, the teacher may face criminal charges for multiple types of offenses. The charge of “inappropriate relationship between educator and student” may apply in any situation where a teacher or school employee engages in sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a student enrolled in elementary school, middle school, or high school. One defense against these charges may include showing that a teacher was no more than three years older than the student in question, and the teacher and student had a relationship before the person began working as a teacher. However, the teacher in this case is 36 years old, so this defense will not apply.

In addition to charges for an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student, the teacher in this case could potentially face charges for online solicitation of a minor due to the messages and pictures she had sent to the student. However, online solicitation of a minor is a third-degree felony, while an inappropriate relationship between educator and student is a second-degree felony, so it is likely that prosecutors will pursue more serious charges. A person convicted of a second-degree felony may be sentenced to between two and 20 years in prison and fined up to $10,000.

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Accusations of sex crimes involving children are taken very seriously. Teachers or others who are accused of having inappropriate relationships with children may not only face criminal charges but their personal reputations will be tarnished. At The Crowder Law Firm, P.C., we provide legal help and representation in these cases, helping those who have been accused determine their options and defend themselves in legal proceedings. Contact our Dallas sex crimes defense lawyers at 214-303-9600 to arrange a complimentary consultation.






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