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Criminal Charges for Wire Fraud and Texting Scams

 Posted on January 31, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Fort Worth criminal defense lawyerWhen you are charged with wire fraud or involvement in a texting scam, the first step is to understand precisely what you have been accused of. Wire fraud uses electronic communications to obtain money or property under false pretenses. On the other hand, text message scams typically involve sending texts pretending to be a legitimate company to obtain sensitive information. Review the specific allegations and charges with your Illinois criminal defense attorney.

Gathering Evidence and Building Your Case

The next vital step when facing charges is gathering evidence and documentation that could help prove your innocence or at least cast doubt on the prosecution’s claims. For example, if you are accused of a texting scam, providing phone records showing you did not send questionable messages can undermine the case against you. Or, with a wire fraud allegation, you may be able to demonstrate bank accounts proving you did not unlawfully obtain any of the purported victim’s money. Determine what evidence you can access and work with your lawyer to get anything relevant. The more evidence in your favor, the better.

Exploring Possible Defenses With Your Lawyer

Depending on the specifics of your case, various defenses could potentially apply to allegations of wire fraud or texting scams. For wire fraud accusations, you may be able to argue you did not actually intend to defraud and merely made a mistake. Or with text scams, you might assert you had no intent to deceive anyone or did not even send the questionable messages. Other possibilities include claiming you were impersonated or framed.

Considering Whether to Accept a Plea Bargain

If the evidence against you seems quite strong and convictions likely, your defense lawyer may suggest considering a plea bargain. This is where you plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a more lenient sentence. While you maintain your legal right to a full trial if you prefer, the reality is wire fraud and text scam convictions often end in years of jail time. It may be wise to explore at least what kind of plea deal the prosecution might offer. If you can plead to reduced charges, you may face only months in prison or possibly just probation.

Preparing For Trial If No Deal Is Reached

If you believe you have a strong defense and did not commit wire fraud or engage in text scams, you may decide your best option is to take your case to trial. The prosecution may also refuse to offer an acceptable plea bargain. Either way, you should be fully prepared for trial by helping your lawyer investigate facts, suggesting questions for witnesses, and even considering whether you want to personally testify to prove your innocence. While preparing for trial takes considerable work, it may be your best chance to win complete exoneration if you are not guilty of these serious financial crimes.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing accusations like wire fraud or text scam involvement can be highly stressful. Understanding the charges against you and working with a Dallas, TX criminal defense attorney can boost your chances of the best possible outcome. Call The Crowder Law Firm, P.C. at 214-544-0061 for a free consultation.

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