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Diversity of Citizenship

 Posted on December 17, 2018 in Criminal Defense

Diversity of citizenship establishes an important legal precedent related to the difference between state and federal jurisdiction. Yet most Americans have never even heard this term. Read on to learn more, and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a federal crime.

What Is Diversity of Citizenship?

Diversity of citizenship refers to cases where opposing parties involved in a lawsuit are citizens of different states or countries. If one of these parties is a corporation, they are defined as a citizen of the state where their business operates or is incorporated. If diversity of citizenship is in play, a case between two parties will fall under federal court jurisdiction, per Article III, section 2 of the United States Constitution.

This is significant, given the standard rules regarding state and federal court jurisdiction. Most civil cases, i.e. cases between two parties, start at the state rather than the federal level. However, a civil case will become a federal case under diversity of citizenship law.

A civil action in which jurisdiction is established by diversity of citizenship law may be adjudicated in:

  • A judicial court where any and all defendants reside, if every defendant is a resident of the same state;
  • A judicial district where the majority of the events pertaining to the case took place, or where the majority of the property related to the case is located; or
  • A judicial district where any and all defendants may be subject to jurisdiction based on when the events related to the case took place, assuming there are no other districts where the case may otherwise be tried.

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