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Common Types of Aggravated Identity Theft Charges

 Posted on January 17, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Fort Worth criminal defense lawyerIdentity theft is when you use someone else’s personal information without their consent to commit fraud or other crimes. Aggravated identity theft takes this a step further by using someone’s identity while committing serious offenses. These crimes carry harsh penalties on top of any punishment for the underlying offense. Those accused of aggravated ID theft in Texas face multiple charges and should seek legal counsel immediately. If you are facing a charge like this, a Texas criminal defense lawyer can help.

Using Identities to Commit Terrorism or National Security Crimes

One of the most severe forms of aggravated identity theft involves using someone else’s name or documents like social security numbers while engaging in acts of terrorism or crimes threatening national security. For example, someone may use a stolen identity to gain access to restricted areas, information, or materials that can be used for attacks or espionage. The terrorism enhancement under federal sentencing guidelines brings a minimum two-year prison sentence for aggravated ID theft convictions.

Trafficking Identity Documents

Trafficking refers to dealing with stolen identities or documents like passports or social security cards. This often involves selling identities or using documents to create fake IDs for others. Aggravated trafficking charges arise when these schemes involve five or more people, bring profits over $100,000, or use minors’ IDs. Penalties can include over five extra years added to any related fraud or theft sentences per stolen identity.

Committing Other Felonies While Stealing or Using Identifications

Another basis for aggravated identity theft charges is using someone’s identity documents or information to facilitate serious underlying felonies. The most common examples include laundering money or committing fraud to steal over $100,000. However, prosecutors can pursue aggravated charges when stolen IDs help commit any federal felony violation, like drug trafficking, child exploitation crimes, or violent offenses carrying over a year in prison.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX, Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing a charge like stealing someone’s identity or using their identification is a serious crime. Without legal representation, you could face more potential charges. A Dallas, TX, criminal defense lawyer is vital to have on your side during the process. While there is no guarantee for an outcome, you can have a better chance with an attorney walking you through the steps. Call The Crowder Law Firm, P.C. at 214-303-9600 for a free consultation to see what potential your case has and how you can move forward.

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