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Beware: Marijuana Charges Can Lead to Federal Prison Time

 Posted on April 04, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Fort Worth Drug Crimes LawyerLast October, President Biden issued a proclamation pardoning federal convictions for simple marijuana possession offenses. The proclamation is just one step in the trend toward reducing and, in many cases, eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana-related offenses.

Although many states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana, marijuana flower and THC products are still considered Schedule I controlled substances under federal law. Make no mistake, marijuana-related offenses can still lead to significant penalties - especially if you are accused of large-scale cultivation or distribution of marijuana.

Drug Trafficking Offenses Related to Cannabis or Marijuana

Although it is still illegal in Texas, being caught with a small quantity of marijuana will not typically lead to significant jail time. However, the same is not true for the possession of larger quantities of marijuana or for the cultivation, distribution, or trafficking of the substance.

Smuggling marijuana in the United States from another country or moving marijuana across state lines can lead to accusations of drug trafficking, a federal offense punishable by life-changing prison sentences.

Penalties for marijuana trafficking depend on the amount of the drug allegedly trafficked:

  • If you are accused of trafficking less than 50 kilograms of marijuana or 1 to 49 marijuana plants, you face five to ten years in prison.

  • If you are accused of trafficking more than 50 to 99 kg of marijuana or 50 to 99 marijuana plants, the possible prison sentence is 20 years to life in prison.

  • If you are accused of trafficking 100 kg to 999 kg marijuana or 100 to 999 marijuana plants, a first offense can lead to five to 40 years in prison.

  • If you are accused of trafficking 1,000 kg or more of marijuana or 1,000 or more marijuana plants, a first offense can lead to a minimum of ten years in prison. The maximum prison sentence is life in prison.

In addition to these severe prison sentences, you could also face massive fines.

Legal Representation is Essential If You Are Facing Federal Charges for Marijuana

Many people are shocked to learn how severe the penalties are for transporting marijuana. If you or a loved one were charged with marijuana trafficking, cultivation, or another federal marijuana offense, it is essential to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Various defenses may be available in your case, but only experienced legal counsel can provide you with personalized advice that takes your unique circumstances into account.

Contact a Collin County Drug Crime Attorney

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