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What Types of Weapons Violations Can Lead to Federal Charges?

 Posted on May 08, 2020 in Federal Crimes

Fort Worth firearms violations defense attorney

The use of firearms and other weapons is strictly regulated at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Federal weapons violations often carry harsher penalties and longer jail sentences than state weapons charges. Legal penalties associated with a federal weapons charge will depend on whether the weapon was used during the commission of a crime, whether bodily harm or death was caused, the defendant’s criminal history, the type of weapon found in his or her possession, and other factors. Firearm violations and other weapons charges can lead to years or decades in prison, so it is crucial that you speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney if you are facing any type of federal weapons charge.

Federal Weapons Violations

Federal law regulates who is permitted to own a firearm, the types of weapons that may be possessed or transported, the locations in which firearms may be lawfully discharged, and the maximum number of firearms and other weapons a person is allowed to own. Often, weapons charges are investigated by the federal government because they involve interstate transactions. Federal weapons charges may involve:

  • Weapons trafficking: The majority of federal weapons charges involve unlawful imports/exports or trade between states.

  • Illegal possession: Federal weapons violations may result from possession of a firearm without the necessary authorization or having the wrong type of firearm license. They can also include possession of a firearm by an individual who is not permitted to possess firearms, such as a convicted felon or someone who is the subject of a domestic violence protection order.

  • Fraud: In some cases, weapons charges result from a defendant allegedly using fraudulent or falsified information to obtain a firearms permit.

  • Violent crimes: Weapons violations are typically penalized more harshly if someone was injured or killed during the incident that led to criminal charges.

What Should I Do if I Am Being Investigated?

If you are facing weapons charges of any kind, there are several actions you should and should not take. Most importantly, remain silent and do not answer police questions without an attorney present. You have a constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination. If you submit to police interrogation, you could be tricked into saying something that will be used against you in the future. Next, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who is experienced in successfully handling federal cases. A skilled legal team can help you understand your legal options, ensure that your rights are not violated, and form a strong defense strategy.

Contact a Dallas Weapons Violations Lawyer

If you have been charged with a weapon or firearm-related offense, you need an accomplished law firm that will fight for your freedom. Tarrant County criminal defense attorney Darlina Crowder has a long history of helping clients secure favorable outcomes. She knows the tactics prosecutors use to try to secure a conviction, and she understands how to build a solid defense. To schedule a free consultation at The Crowder Law Firm P.C., call our office today at 214-544-0061.



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