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The Crowder Law Firm Scholarship Spring 2023 Winner

Malia Mancini

Malia Mancini is a high school senior from California. Malia is a hard-working student who knows that success does not come without challenging one self and committing to one's goals. She not only sets ambitious goals for herself, but she is actively involved in her school and local community. Read Malia's essay to learn about her perspective on the American Dream.

Malia Mancini

Read Malia's Essay:

To me the American Dream means that anyone, no matter your race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or any other category shall impede on one's ability to succeed in America.

But what does success mean? To one it may mean fame and fortune to another a simpler life surrounded by family and loved ones to another a small business owner who provides jobs to members of the community and everywhere in between.

For me, at least for the next few years, success means getting a high quality secondary education where I can further develop as a student, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a person. Having the opportunity to attend a university, live away from home, and have the ability to grow, learn, and make mistakes are stair steps to aid me in creating a successful life.

I strongly believe that anyone who sets goals and defines a path will achieve those goals. This has been true in my life thus far. As a student I strive to attain the best possible grades I can. Academics do not come easily to me, but I have been able to attain a 4.22 GPA throughout high school. Additionally, I completed middle school having earned nothing but A's through all three years. I did this by setting goals and developing a plan.

In middle school my goal was to get straight A's throughout. I chose not to take simple classes, but rather challenge myself by taking advanced classes and doing whatever it took to earn an A. In high school my goal has been to graduate with over a 4.0 GPA. The only way this is possible is to take AP coursework. I am very proud to say I attained both of these academic goals all while receiving nothing but A's except for two B's during my sophomore year which was spent at home during COVID.

Athletically, I am a proud member of my high school's competitive dance team. I am a three year varsity letter winner, a two time national champion and we are working toward a threepeat this March in Orlando, FL. Additionally I am a member of the Rise Dance Club, an Orange County, CA All Star Dance Team. We will be competing for World Championships in April this year.

I am also heavily involved in the Tustin Chapter of National Charity League where I am involved in outreach within our community. We orchestrate food drives, beach clean ups, clothing drives, help feed homeless, and spend time with elderly among other things.

My parents have always stressed balance in life. Work hard, love hard, play hard, enjoy life. That has always stuck with me. Our family is not wealthy, but we are a family. We are middle class and both of my parents have worked my whole life. My dad had to change jobs during COVID and ultimately lead him to start his own home-based small business afterward because his job was not secure. My mother is a full time sales person, and is the glue that holds our household together. It is truly amazing how she holds down work, family, our schedules, and still has time to enjoy herself. I strive to be like her. My parents have shown me that with the right mind set, drive, hard work, resilience, perseverance, and love anything can be accomplished.

So, is the American Dream still attainable today? It absolutely is. Life is what one makes of it. Our parents taught my younger brother and sister and I to take matters into our own hands. Make our own way. Don't expect someone else to take care of us and that we must take care of ourselves, our family and loved ones, and our community. If we do these things, all else will fall into place and we will live fulfilled lives, successful lives, and we will have achieved the American Dream.

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